7 Video Marketing Trending In 2017

The face and course of marketing have transformed beyond what it was in some five years ago. These days, marketers now adopt video marketing, and it has become one of the most widely adopted marketing methods today. Today, video marketing has become an essential consideration for many businesses that want to grow. Some statistics are given below in support of how important video marketing is to the growth of the business.

  • People spend one-third of their time online on watching videos
  • Up to 90% of users claim that they can make better purchase decisions with the aid of videos
  • You can increase your click rate by up to 300% by adding video in an email.
  • The text is not as easy to remember as videos. As a result, up to 80% of people can recall the contents of the videos they have watched in the last month compared to the texts they have read in the same period.
  • Websites with video make visitors spend 88% more of their time on such websites.
  • By 2018, Facebook said they would have increased the video contents of their website to over 80%.
  • By 2019, there are indications that video would claim over 80% of all web traffic.

With the statistics given above, you can easily decipher how your clients desire to interact with and view contents.  Every business can benefit from video marketing, including the small businesses.  You can get the message across more easily this way as it can help you feature your niches and get your points across better.

Video marketing trends for 2017

  1. Your customers see videos as important in the buying process

Online purchasing now takes up about two-third of the buying process.  Before many of those who buy from you contact you, they would have viewed your online review, social media account, blog, and website. People prefer to do business this way than any other.  Up to 40% of online buyers will not even bother to contact you before buying the items you have on sale on your website.

You will never get to know if any of the prospective online buyers did not even visit your website if they do not buy your product.  In traditional marketing, on the other hand, you can do follow-up calls to any of your non-responding prospects, and the prospective buyer will even give you a call before buying your items. Some prospects may use the information on your website to research about a product and then go ahead to make a purchase elsewhere, making it somewhat difficult to track the movement of such prospects.

On the contrary, the prospect can easily get to see and hear from a sales person directly if you include video in your web content. Video marketing makes it easy to make the prospects to know your location and have knowledge about your product. You can also show them your approach, people, and brand.

  1. You only need video

There is no better way to communicate your marketing messages than via video. Just a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.  The video is highly efficient as a marketing tool, and your prospect may lose interest if your website has no video on the subject matter.

  1. Video gives quality over quantity

You need to concentrate on producing a top quality video to get the desired response from your prospects.  A video that cannot give you good returns on your marketing cost is not worth it. Make sure the first impression shows you as a professional.

  1. Video production costs more

Rarely is any other marketing method as expensive as video marketing.  However, you should keep in mind that the end will justify the means; what matters more is the returns and no the cost.

  1. Facebook has plans for video dominance

Video on your website makes it easier for you to appear on the first page of Google ranking; do not forget that Google now owns YouTube.  In the same vein, you will be given preferential treatment by Facebook to upload videos.

  1. Many videos will now be made to play without any sound

Videos are being watched virally everywhere through tablets and Smartphone; this necessitates the need for videos to play without making sounds so as not to cause a public nuisance.

  1. Blogs, newsletters and email marketing will be produced in video formats

The rate at which people open your email and newsletters will increase by up to 19% if you add video to the email and also use the word “video” in the subject field.


The business place is getting more competitive, and video marketing can help you keep your head above water.  With video marketing, you can scale new heights in online marketing.