How the Digital Age Affects Online Business

Your online presence has a lot to do with the success or failure of your online business.  Your website is supposed to be your online business place, and it must be accorded the same honor you would accord your brick and mortar store.  It is, however, unfortunate that many of the websites out there today are nothing other than electronic brochures; such websites only give basic information about the company, what they do and where they are located.  You should make your website worth more than just an online billboard; rather, it should be a hub of information where individuals can find solutions to their problems.

The potential customer is not looking for your office address or just what you are selling; he is looking for information hub.  The potential customer wants to purchase goods, but also want to read customer’s reviews, watch educational videos, chat with industry experts on the subject matter and find answers to problems this is why you must be clean about why you want to set up the website before you even start at all; this will give you an idea about what features to include on the website.

It is also important for your digital presence to transcend the limits of your website.  Many people would first search the internet for a solution if anything in their home develops a fault and they need to get it repaired.  They will first do research online before making any purchase.  The online search will turn out several results, including photographs, maps, and description of where to find local solutions to the problem at hand.  Google search, for example, will turn out Google My Business section in the middle part of the search result and will equally give organic result at the bottom of the page, same for ads at the top of the page; one thing is that every part of the search result will be related to the subject being browsed by the prospective client. Aside from giving prospective clients an idea about your business, it will equally give the client to review your business and give you a rating between one and five stars after they have done business with you. The free listing provided by Google makes it easy for your online business to show up on Google search result pages, which will form a part of your presence online.

Your customers can equally leave reviews about your business on some other sites, like Yelp, aside from Google My Business.  one of such websites is TripAdvisor, a website that provides information about hotels, restaurants, entertainment, airlines, and travel; this site makes it possible for customers to leave reviews and you can also respond to the reviews they have left for your brand.

Social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are very important when talking about building a digital presence. It is very easy for customers to access information via these social media sites since they always have their internet-enabled mobile phones in their pockets. There is no more powerful marketing channel than your potential customers; who are always connected to the internet.  Ignoring them can spell doom for your online business.

Mobile marketing is the reigning king today as far as internet business is concerned; this is why your marketing strategies should be built around mobile devices.  One of the factors that led to the transformation in mobile marketing is the launching of iPhone in 2007. Most people will always check their phone last thing before they sleep at night and first thing immediately they wake up in the morning. It is easier for online businesses to capitalize on this unique consumer’s behavior to get information across about their online products and services.  Things get even better if the customer downloads your app on their devices. The customer can receive information about special offers from your company through the mobile app.

With SMS marketing, you can get the message directly to the inbox of the customer. Research shows that text messages have up to 90% average open rate, while 98% of individuals will read your SMS messages within just three minutes of receiving same.

Conclusively, an online marketer needs to use various online tools in this digital era for profitable online business.  Other important tools for business progress, aside from your website, are mobile apps, social media channels, and local business listing.