How Productive Is Your Website

A lot of things have changed in the way businesses present their websites. In the past, business owners would simply give direct information about their businesses on their websites, list where their businesses could be found, what they do there and who they are and that was all. All these have changed these days. The idea of websites presented as ordinary electronic brochures has been shelved.

In those days, the focus of many companies was to build an online brochure out of their corporate brochure. In those days, little was known about search engine optimization and the power of the internet in business promotion. The only thing many companies had in mind was to be available on the internet simply.  A lot of changes have happened in consumer behavior, making it somewhat difficult for such websites to hold water today. In those days, people were not buying goods and services from the internet, but the trend has changed today.  Companies, therefore, need to bring about a change in the way they present their businesses online to accommodate this unprecedented change in customer behavior. Many of them are now getting their websites upgraded from the traditional electronic brochure to a website that can generate a lead.

Many of your prospective customers now depend on the social media, your website and Google to get information about goods and services; this is where they start their journey and make their decisions on whether or not to buy that particular product.  They require informative content that will help them in decision making about the product on which they have their eyes. Anyone providing informative contents, like presentations, research, checklists, cheat sheets, infographics, videos, whitepapers, and eBooks can be said to be on the right track; such business owners have an adequate tool to educate their visitors. When such visitors read your content, they will develop more trust in you and your brand; this will also make your website an available source of information on that subject matter. There is no better way to make your prospect buy your products than this.

You need to know that the present day generation of customers is not in the past anymore; they want you to give them more than a list of your products or services.  They are not interested in the history of your business or where the business is located; they are only bothered about how much helpful information you can give them about their situation and the challenges they are presently facing. They want you to prove to them that you have what it takes to solve that problem and they also want to see how simple your solutions are compared to what your competitors have to offer. So, you should stop boring your visitors with the details of your products and services.

Consumers of the present day are always in haste; they do not have all day to read through the contents on your website; in fact, many of them will only give you few seconds to prove to them how trustworthy you are. The information you provide on your website should be conspicuous, and the message must be clear. Navigation around your website should be easy, and there must be a call to action on your website, which will help direct the visitor to make a purchase.

How can you decipher if your website is the run-of-the-mill electronic brochure? Check the points below for insight.

  • Outdate appearance: If your website layout or skin is still as old as when you created the website, it is time to bring about a change
  • It is slow: If your website is slow to load and unresponsive, it will draw your online business back
  • Your competitors’ websites look better: This will make you lose more prospective clients to them, and it will hurt your online business
  • No mobile compatibility: Your website must be accessible via mobile device. If not, it can hurt your online business
  • Low traffic and search engine ranking: Make sure your website up to date with search engine algorithm so as not to slip down the page rankings
  • Visitors are not converting: You will know your website is outdated if there is a steep decrease in your conversion rate.
  • Wrong description: the information on your website should be explicit enough for the website to convert as desired.