Family Day Care

Family day care

Family day care – a different business:

Are you doing such business that needs finance solution? Do you have family day care or want to establish such company and you are looking for accountant that will handle your all tax, accounting, other finance predicament’s with ease and professionally. Yes, you are on right site. Read the following information that how we can cater you with business service.

Actual purpose of the family day care:

The real purpose of the family day care is to help the community as well as children and it is a very key role it is playing. Therefore we can easily assess that the business is not just about caring for and educating the children. The business of family day care is a very different business as compare to other businesses. The people who run such business are entrepreneurs having a special sort of income which has a government funding; a part of their income is exempt from GST. So it is taken as a very special and unique business for which you certainly need expert accountant who really knows the nature of the business. Meanwhile, the educators who are the main source of in this specific business have different matters that are entirely different from accounting perspective and treatment of their expenses as well.

Services provided for Family child care business:

We are providing high quality services to our clients. The services are not merely supreme in quality but also different in nature as compare to others. The different services we provide you towards your new as well as already running business are like:

  • Preparing a strong policy and procedure
  • We submit the business application for our clients
  • We used to prepare and design the forms that are required by education department.
  • We provide the services to handle the entire accounting and taxation matters for the clients as a business and for his/ her educators.

Our mission:

Our firm is looking forward to be available to hear your requests and requirements. We are here to provide you knowledge, experience and free consultation for all your problems. Your satisfaction is our main goal; so give us a call and make an appointment to visit us.