Search engine optimization

Search Engine Marketing for Increased Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important tool every serious online business should consider. Getting to the first page of popular search engines, like Google, can most be achieved most effectively via SEO.

Google displays search engine results following three different ways, which are:


  1. Organic Or Natural Results
  2. Local Search Results
  3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement
  4. Those links appearing in the lower section of Google search engine represented organic or natural results. They are so important to the extent that they get six fold of the click that PPC ads get, though PPC appears at the top of the search engine. They are, therefore termed the most relevant pages to the phrases provided by the internet surfer.  This is because many more people trust organic results than paid result since it is clear that those other links at the top are only trying to gain attention. The organic or natural results, on the other hand, are free and have more value.
  5. The local search results are located in the center part of the search result. They are the mapped listings that are connected to your business address. They can provide very useful information about your business, like a short description of the business, email address, phone number, address and business name. If you like, you can add photos related to your business. You can go a step further by permitting your clients and customers to provide reviews about your business; they can also rate your business via the five-star rating system. The reviews ad ratings can impact your positioning on the page. Another name for the local search result is Google My Business.
    Google My Business is one of the best ways to complement your website and expose your business to more publicity. Its presence on Google will increase traffic to the website; it will also enable you to pin point certain important details regarding your online business. The details can appear on Google+, Maps and Google Search.   Positive online reviews can do your online business a world of good.
  6. Pay-per-click can help direct traffic to your website, and it is a very important component of search engine marketing. Pay-per-click is located at the top of the page, and it is usually called Google AdWords PPC. They are paid advertisement, which means those who have them pay to have the links to their websites placed at those positions.  The advertisers have to pay a fee for their websites to be placed at these positions. They are also effective and one of the best ways to advertise your website. You will only pay Google if someone clicks on your ad.  The ads are placed in line with your chosen keywords, and these ads appear when anybody searches related keywords. It means you will not pay anything if nobody clicks on the ad.This advertisement method has no similarity to the traditional method of advertising, like television, radio, magazine, and newspaper; in the conventional methods, your ads are publicized, hoping someone would notice and then get across to you. The conventional method requires that you pay for the advert even if nobody takes action afterward. For anyone to click on your SEM ads, it means the person has an interest in what you have to offer.

How the keywords work

The process of bidding for keywords follows that of auctioning. The individual that wins the auction will get listed topmost, and the rest will come up below. Price and the relevance of the ad are important factors that influence the results of the auction. If anyone searches for a keyword related to the keyword in your ad, then your ad will pop up on the search page. Since your keyword is at the top, the surfer can easily find his or her way to your website.

Your ability to win the auction and be placed at the top of the search result is not determined by your maximum cost per click; individuals with lower maximum cost per click can win the bid ahead of you. Your chance of winning the bid is only determined by the relevance of your keyword. Those keywords that rate between 8 and 10 stand better chances than keywords that have a lower rate. It is clear that marketers need top quality and relevant keywords to attain the top of search engine and not just money.