In business, bookkeeping is record of financial transactions. These transactions include:

• Purchases
• Sales
• Receipts
• Payments etc.

Some tend to think that it’s the same as accounting when in actuality it is not. This leads to confusion and ultimately frustration for both parties – you and the people trying to give you the service – because of false expectations. That is why getting the wrong service can be detrimental but getting the right service can be best decision you ever made. But how does one go about finding the correct services when many tend to think the same way you do (or rather, did). Finding a good service isn’t an easy task either.

You Can Trust Us

Thankfully, the people here in Sherif & Associates are the right people for the job. We know that you are relinquishing important and vital information into our hands and we humbly and determinedly take on the responsibility. We are the partner that you can trust – putting your future in our hands is something we don’t take lightly.

We will work tirelessly in order to give you not only satisfactory results but results that you can believe in. That is why our people are made of experts on the industry and who can give sound advice in whatever aspect. We won’t bog you down with convoluted terms of speech but present to you information in an easy-to-understand way so that you have a full grasp of what’s happening.

Be assured that we have the experience to tackle on any of your needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to prove it and that is why you can trust us.

Our Specific Bookkeeping Services

 Bank Reconciliation – We don’t only balance your books with the bank’s record but make you aware of the flow of money that is going in and out of your business.
 Accounts Payable – Worry no more about unexpected bills that pop up out of nowhere! We make sure to keep track of what you owe and when it is due.
 Accounts Receivable – You can define it as a legal claim for payment held by any-business against its clients for goods as well as services.
 Profit and Loss Statement – Currently confused about those tax forms? Then, let us help you understand exactly how much profit you’ve managed to record.

Need More Help?

We don’t only do bookkeeping! If you happen to be in need of another service, you can directly contact us so we can discuss about it. We always hope to provide our clients with the best kind of service whenever possible! So, get in touch with us and let’s see if we can provide you with the right kind of service for your needs.