Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss Statement – An Important Tool

Although a profit and loss statement isn’t always necessarily needed by companies – it isn’t a legal requirement- it can be a very big benefit for your company or business because can potentially be an important tool for it. Hopefully, we at Sherif & Associates can be the one to help you with this.

We Provide More

While most average accounting packages nowadays will often have a basic profit and lost statement, we at Sherif & Associates, go beyond the average. We can provide start by providing you with the basics at a suitable time for you – whether monthly or quarterly – but we also do the following:

  • Compare your profit and loss for the last period.
  • Show where your business’ financial health is at.
  • Compare your expectations and forecasts with actual and concrete data and results.
  • Give you figures in order to benchmark your overall performance.
  • Expose any and all problems that you might not have foreseen or are even aware of such as falling sales, profit margins and/or ratios.
  • Calculate your income and expenses accurately in preparation for your year-end tax return.

All of this information isn’t always available to you in a regular accounting package but these are necessary and important when you are trying to transform your business and make it flourish.

We Can Help Guide You

If you indeed want to make a successful business, we at Sherif & Associates are here to guide you in the right direction. We do this by really understanding the results of your profit and loss statement which we then break it down for you so that when discuss it, you can easily understand what is happening in your business.

We Will Treat You With Care

Let us sit down with you and really learn your business so that we can really form a strong and trusting partnership. We care about your business just as you do and we want to get to know intimately about your goals, aims and objectives. Understanding your plans for the futures will ultimately help us in helping you in achieving those goals.

We, at Sherif & Associates you will treat you not only with the utmost care but with respect, transparency and with kind of customer service that you are entitled to and that is only the very best kind.