Self Managed Super Fund

Self managed super fund

What is self managed super fund?

Self managed super fund (SMSF) is simply a way to save for your retirement. The main difference between SMSF and kind of funds is that member of SMSF are also the trustees. It means the members of SMSF establish it for their own interest and are responsible for complying with super and tax laws. This is a major financial decision and you have enough time as well as skills to perform it.

Why to choose us?

SMSF known as self-management super fund can be regarded as resourceful investment. The truth is that you can easily get confused with funds problem sometimes, and it is difficult knowing the company that will provide you with right service. We have finest and most qualified accountant and other financial gurus who will be ready to help provide information you need. More so, the qualified accountant will work you through the processes you need to follow to get your problem solved. We will be sure that your self-management super fund is in accordance with the current law and 100% safe and legal. Working with us simply means entrusting your self-management super fund in safe and secure hands. That means you can sleep with your two eyes close with full assurance and confidence while working with us. We do not only provide reliable and safe service but also offer best advice. You will be sure to enjoy personalised support service through friendly team that will respect and honor your patronage.

Services we provide!

We used to provide all the essential services that you need for an SMSF and that includes:

  • Easy and hassle free as well as fast SMSF setup
  • Advice client on the best way to invest their money and plan for their finance.
  • We help in statutory account preparation with comprehensive performance figure.
  • We are up to date on SMSF legislation
  • Accurately calculate eligible payments termination
  • Render services on taxation and compliance
  • Offer legal counsel on (FSMSF) known as family self-management super fund
  • Precise recommendation on (PMSMSF) known as pension mode self managed superannuation funds
  • Different kinds of consulting and advisory services

We take care!
We take care of all the legal requirements for our clients, like:

  • Setting up of bank account
  • Providing client with tax file number (TFN)
  • Endorsing trustee statement of ATO
  • Appointing to turn out to be a controlled superannuation fund
  • Preparing printed investment policy- obtaining deed of trust