Individual tax return is everyone who is working as employee, Laborer, sole trader or anyone who is in an employment relationship. Don’t we all fear few weeks before your tax return is due? It can indeed be one of the most grueling and scariest moments of your life – plus, it happens every year like clockwork. There isn’t any way around it. There is so much to do and it seems like no matter how you go about it, you can’t do it without being all kinds of stressed and frustrated. There is so much guesswork involved especially if are doing it all on your own. So much hassle and so much time wasted.

Say No to Frustration and Time Wasted!

You want to relax yourself and looking for some help from tax consultant or firm? Trying to find the right kind of assistance can also be a whole other problem on its own. However, thankfully, we, here at Sherif & Associates, have exactly the knowledge that you need in order to help you bring that tax burden off your shoulders and take away the stress as well as frustration that is turning around inside of you each year, every time you have to file your annual tax return.

We Got You Covered

We, at Sherif & Associates know what you need and can provide you with the services that will help you. This is how we do go about doing it:

  • We provide you a service that not only minimizes your frustration when dealing with your tax return, but also maximizes your tax relief that you can get on your earnings.
  • We can guide you and help you understand the nuances of your deductibles such as job seeking expenses, cost of managing tax affairs, charitable donations, natural disaster repairs, and even home improvements.
  • We make things clearer and easier for you because we know that you don’t want to have to deal with jargon and complicated terms. We cut right to the chase and give you the information you need in a way that you can understand it fully.

We Know It All

Be at ease and rest assure that the people here at Sherif & Associates know the ins and outs of your individual tax liability such as:

  • Employment income
  • Superannuation
  • Annuities
  • Investment income
  • Capital gains
  • Business and partnership income
  • Foreign income

All of these we can provide to you with:

  • Care
  • Trust
  • Quality

We want you to be open and transparent with us but we know that you can only do so if we are open and transparent with you first. You aren’t just another customer or client, but a partner. We hope that you can also think of us the same way so that we can help you better.